Covering Burnham On Sea, Weston-super mare & Some Surrounding areas of Somerset.
Image by Michal Matlon

About US 

With over 15+yrs in the Water Treatment Industry.

We want to help Customers learn or improve their knowledge, in all aspects of looking after there Hot Tub/Swimming Pool Water Treatment.


WE DO NOT OFFER ANY SERVICE WORK, Including Internal Repairs etc. 

Our History

BOS Hot Tub Water Treatment,

Was set up to help our, potential customers not have the worry,

of the daunting tasks involved in maintaining a Hot Tub or Swimming Pool.

The amount of time consuming tasks, that are involved in the chemical treatment of the water alone.

That are essential just to keep it crystal clear,Safe & usable.

Plus not to mention the cleaning involved to. 

This puts so many owners off, as they just don't have yet the knowledge yet, or possibly the time, to carry out these essential tasks.

This can very easily result, in them not getting the full enjoyment out of there Hot Tub or Swimming Pool. 

We want to help all our clients to ensure this isn't an issue & happily help them where needed. 



We can tailor our services to your individual needs & usage of your, Hot Tub or Swimming Pool.


We want all of our customers to experience our great services we offer. 

That's why they all exist to make your life easier.

No matter what your needs are, you can count on us for the support you need.

Please just drop us a message, to discuss what aspects you need help with.