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It's not as daunting as you think

 We Aim To Be Able To Help You With Any Aspects Of Hot Tub Water or Pool Water Treatment.


From just simply improving your water balancing and chemical knowledge.

Or Provide Full Start Up's of your new Hot tub.

Any Water Treatment problems etc to.

We can Also help you with Water Treatment for your, Swimming Pool to. 

Even Help your Start up for the summer months, or Shut down your pool for winter to.

This includes Full Shutdown/Winterising  procedures, including use of a long life algaecide.


Finally We Can Also Manually Vacuum your pool . 

Then Backwash, Rinse & Refill

(Please Note Only For Multiport/Full Plant Systems Though!).

Plus we would need to use your equipment & chemicals to provide this service  

Just Get In Touch To Discuss Your Needs.

 All our Services Are provided With The Highest Level Of Excellence.

With All Our Service's, We Ensure All Details, Are Simple As Possible.  

Tailored to you and your needs.

All Emailed or Printed for your Future Reference To Refer Back To. 

Whenever you work with BOS Hot Tub Treatment you can fully trust that you’re in great hands.

Our Hot Tub Cleaning Process 

It is Highly recommended to completely drain your hot tub every 2-3 months

(this will vary massively dependent on your usage. You normally get an idea when this is due, when your water chemical balance becomes hard to maintain, it becomes a bubble bath etc!!)

Here at BOS Hot Tub Treatment we can Chemically Clean/System Flush/Pipe Clean.

Then fully drain,clean,refill & re-water balance your hot tub.


  Please note this may prob'

need to be done over a 48-72hr period (dependant on refill times,hot tub size etc).


Usual plan is first day, is The clean & refill.

As above with fill time's etc will depend if we leave our client to finish the refill & leave to heat overnight. With instructions how to add your chosen sanitiser. 

We then if able, ideally like to return the next day to finish the Chemical Re-balance etc.

As We Only Work On An Hourly Rate this is factored into the price of this service.  


If you just want help & guidance for your first drain we can offer that to.

Please Just get in touch to discuss your needs